Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gateway Bank of China has become the odds

June 17 got the news, the U.S. third-largest computer maker Gateway has been finalized in August this year, plans to enter the China market, also plans to open an office in Beijing has put on the agenda. Can be expected, the Digital Gateway was selected as the only designated agent regarding the mainland of China is bound to its general information products division increased the turnover, while the head of Chen Liang's tight-lipped face the fire, but the language of his excitement. He said the company is setting up teams to develop future cooperation with the Gateway program.

Although Gateway in the United States known, but the Chinese user awareness of this brand is very low. The only reason is, before this old PC companies pay little attention to the Chinese market, especially in its competitors - Dell and Hewlett-Packard China, contrasting with more obvious enthusiasm.

Variety Gateway

Although the number of users do not understand this company, Gateway in the United States is undoubtedly a legend. In 1985, founder Ted Waitt with 10,000 U.S. dollars of bank loans in their own ranch, founded the company. The frail and severely stuttering child who dropped out from college or even twice. But, with the tenacity of will and insight, from the birth of the day, this company doing well. Waitt keen to capture the PC, the trend will soon become a commodity, he decided to price products below the competition, and the focus of this decision as a business started, "encircling the cities" of the campaign, so very early into the Fortune 500.

In fact, Gateway's marketing concept is not complicated - abandoned the broker, through telephone sales, direct to consumers and businesses. This order picking based on the quasi-direct model risk is very small, the effect is amazing. Gateway was gradually opened in the United States more than 400 stores over the whole of the United States. According to market research firm IDC data provided shows that the third-largest U.S. computer maker the first quarter of this year in the U.S. market share of 7.2%.

However, this Gateway to China to trade will be anxious not merely to the Chinese PC market, many people who care about Gateway was worried. For a long time, the company has remained in a "stable" of losing money. In the face of losses, Gateway is the most willing to try new strategies and business model - it's strategy to change almost every year - first opened in 1996, Gateway stores nationwide, and in 1998 launched the Internet access service, and the headquarters moved to California in 2002, it began selling a brand of consumer electronics products, in 2004 and another computer company called eMachines merger. EMachines made at low cost computer market is very hot, so named after the merger Waitt, president of the company as Gateway CEO Wayne Inouye, I hope his defeating. However, consecutive losses and stock prices fell, Wayne Inouye could not escape from destiny. Even today, its Chief Financial Officer John Goldsberry still said in an interview: "Achieving profitability is our topic of discussion."


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